A case can be made that the Phoenix Suns have their plan in place: a bag full of first-round draft picks and a roster full of role players to surround those draft picks with veteran leadership and skill. As many as three players are worthy of starting on a playoff-caliber team: Goran Dragic, Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley. None of those players are likely a #1 or #2 option on a contender, maybe even not a #3, and maybe not all three on the same team, but before you go too far with the bashing of these guys' league-wide value let's look at how they fare compared to their peers. Very few teams have an entire starting lineup of players better than anyone on the Suns. One example is the Los Angeles Lakers, and look how that's turning out for them (21-26, 10th place in the West as I write this post).