Everyone knows who the best quarterbacks in the NFL are at the moment and no one ever debates it. However, there is a great divide among scholars as to has the strongest quarterback depth chart. If the starter goes down, who is in trouble and who will move on like nothing happened? What follows is a look at the best backup quarterback depth charts in the NFL.

32. Los Angeles Rams: John Wolford / Bryce Perkins

Bad news for any Rams fans doubting Jared Goff -- these people do not exist. Apologies to anyone from either of their families who stumbled upon this list if they do.

31. New York Giants: Colt McCoy

McCoy was drafted a decade ago and at some point became one of those guys who will be a backup until he's 40 just because he is considered a backup NFL quarterback.

30. New York Jets: David Fales / James Morgan

Fales was a sixth round pick in the 2014 draft and he is with his sixth team. Morgan was the Jets' fourth round pick this year. Luckily, Sam Darnold is impervious to health issues.

29. Houston Texans: A.J. McCarron

Another guy who is destined to be in the league forever without ever having to do anything. It's not bad work if you can get it.

28. Detroit Lions: Chase Daniel

And another. It is so weird how some guys never get a chance and others just sit on rosters across the league. Daniel has made more than $34 million in his career.

27. Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Finley

Finley was not good when given a chance last season. Maybe you can chalk that up to the Bengals being bad. Maybe Finley will get some more time this year if Burrow really, really struggles.

26. Denver Broncos: Jeff Driskel

The former Florida QB actually has eight starts in just two seasons, not that anyone remembers who they were for.