Great chemistry between a quarterback and wide receiver is akin to a romantic relationship. The significant other often knows what their partner is thinking or feeling without the need to be verbalized. A quick glance or specific look may be all it takes to say so much between one another. 

Those two being on the same page often translates to the field because a level of trust exists between both parties. 

"The key is ... being reliable and earning my trust," Rodgers once told the Wisconsin State Journal's Jason Wilde. "I never feel like there's been a real difficult recipe or plan. It's you know what you're doing; you're in the right spot at the right time; and you don't make repeat mental mistakes." 

The little things matter. Reliability is the causeway toward a successful long-term relationship. Greatness is born out of the minutiae. 

It won't always be perfect. The ebb and flow of daily NFL life change over time. For example, the Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs formed a bond in 2020 and hit amazing highs playing alongside one another for the first time. However, their overall performance has taken an ever-so-slight step back through the first five games of the '21 campaign. 

The following duos are still flying high and connecting on a regular basis as the best quarterback-wide receiver combinations the pass-first league currently has to offer. 


7. Patrick Mahomes-Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs

Life is becoming more difficult for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs' offense as opponents try to force the quarterback into being more patient and allow fewer explosive plays. 

Mahomes already threw six interceptions through five games after not passing for more more than six in each of the last two seasons. The quarterback is even questioning himself after an uneven start. 

"I have to re-evaluate where I'm at, what decisions I'm making," the Chiefs quarterback told reporters after Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills. "… I have to cut it out."

How can Mahomes and Hill still be considered an elite duo despite some disappointment? What they deem a disappointing start is all relative. 

The Chiefs are still the fourth-ranked offense. Mahomes still has a league-leading 16 touchdown passes and 75.0 QBR. The quarterback ranks among the top eight in competition percentage, passing yardage and quarterback rating. He's simply operating against an impossible standard. 

The same applies to Tyreek Hill. The 27-year-old is widely considered the game's fastest person and its greatest deep threat. But he's never been a one-trick pony. Hill is a complete target and one of the league's best. The Chief is still tied for second with 37 receptions, fourth with 516 receiving yards and tied for seventh with four touchdown receptions. 

Kansas City may have gotten off to a rough start, but the Mahomes-Hill combination continues to click.


6. Matthew Stafford-Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford's transition from 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions to the Los Angeles Rams has been seamless. The quarterback fit right in with his new team. Cooper Kupp's performance is a significant reason behind Stafford's early success. 

"He's a really talented player, he understands the game really well," Stafford said of Kupp last month. "I think it's probably just more a testament to him, than anything. I think he's one of those guys that's about as overlooked as anybody in the league. ... He's a really talented player and I'm just happy I get to work with him."

Kupp produced at a high level before Stafford came onto the scene. Over the last two seasons, the 28-year-old target averaged 93 receptions and 1,068 receiving yards.

The wide receiver is on a different trajectory at the moment, though. Kupp is currently tied for second with 37 receptions and five touchdown catches and third with 523 receiving yards. If he maintains his current pace, he'll amass 125 catches for 1,778 yards and 17 touchdowns—all three of which would set new career-highs. Even if Kupp's production tapers off to a degree, he's still in line for a career year. 

The Rams' passing attack is helped by the fact Stafford's natural arm talent expands the playbook and stretches a defense both vertically and horizontally, which creates more space for Kupp to operate. Stafford currently ranks second among quarterbacks who have played the majority of the season with an average of 9.2 yards per attempt.