When the NBA changed its draft rules in 2005, it ushered in the era of one-and-done players. The result has been numerous blink-of-an-eye college basketball sensations, with some continuing to star in the pros.

The period between 2006-08 was really something else, with three of the standouts on the ensuing list in this glorious picture:

Here are the best-ever one-and-done college players:

Derrick Rose, Memphis 2007-08

Rose went from Chicago's famed Simeon Career Academy to Memphis. There, he led the Tigers to the national championship game. However, none of that happened according to the NCAA, with the season vacated after Rose was ruled academically ineligible.

John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky, 2009-10

The following year after Rose left, head coach John Calipari departed Memphis for Kentucky, beginning his time there with two top-five recruits: Wall and Cousins. The thunder-and-lightning duo ran roughshod over the SEC, but the Wildcats fell to West Virginia in the NCAA Regionals.

Michael Beasley, Kansas State, 2007-08