Want to start an argument among hockey fans?

Wade into a particularly passionate group and casually bring up the topic of jerseys—or sweaters, to the purists out there—with a quick suggestion or two about the best and worst of all time.

Then remove yourself to a safe distance because a glove-drop may be imminent.

The rabble-rousing B/R ice hockey team decided to venture into the sacred territory with a specific lean toward the best third (or alternate) jersey designs franchises have come up with over the years, particularly since they became prevalent across the league in the mid-1990s.

We looked at all the incarnations from A to Z—or Anaheim to Winnipeg, in this case—and whittled the collection down to a top six, along with two honorable mentions we just couldn't let go.

Read on to see what we came up with and skate on over to the comments section to let us know where we got it right or to (gasp!) talk a little trash about your disagreements.

But keep it civil or it'll be five minutes and a game misconduct.