Add veteran starting pitcher Josh Johnson to the list of free agents that interest the Texas Rangers. Johnson’s agent, Matt Sosnick, said he’s talked to nearly every team about Johnson, including the Rangers. “He’s always had interest in playing in Texas,” Sosnick said Thursday. “He’s from Oklahoma. It’s a very well-run organization. They win all the time. That would lend itself to interest.” Sosnick has made no secret about the fact that the Johnson, who turns 30 in January, is looking for a one-year deal to prove he’s healthy and try to get a multiyear deal after the 2014 season. So no wonder a bunch of teams have called to express interest. And the Rangers have taken chances on pitchers coming off injuries in the past. “He’s looking at some point in his career to prove that he’s worth a huge deal,” Sosnick said. “A season with 33 starts and 200 innings would be a huge help.” Johnson has dealt with a slew of injuries, including two disabled list stints in 2013. He dealt with triceps tightness after his first four starts, and then, after returning to the rotation, had a forearm injury that shortened his season. Johnson had elbow surgery to remove bone spurs shortly after the season, and Sosnick said Thursday that Johnson will start his throwing program Monday.