One player this past off-season created more of a stir than any other associated with the Texas Rangers. It wasn't Josh Hamilton, who ditched a team that has been to the playoffs three straight years for a third-place division rival, a pair of Mickey Mouse ears and $125 million. Zack Greinke, Justin Upton, James Shields and Michael Young are also also-rans to the No. 1 off-season Rangers storyline: What to do with Jurickson Profar? Profar was one of the 63 players who participated Saturday in the Rangers' first full-squad workout of spring training. He is considered baseball's next can't-miss player, topping every notable prospect ranking. Every other team wants him, and he is viewed by many a must-have in the 2013 Rangers lineup. Great angst was expressed from the fan base when the Rangers decided to not reinvent their infield to give Profar a place to play. But club officials did consider pushing a three-time All-Star second baseman to first. All of that was caused by a shortstop who has never played Triple A, has never batted above .286 at any of his three minor-league stops, and is listed in the media guide at 165 pounds. And he's 19, at least for a few more days.