Robbie Ross and Justin Grimm haven’t played golf in a while, but for a good reason. “Because I’d take all of his money,” Ross said, laughing. Grimm disagreed with that statement, but he still pays Ross on a monthly basis. Not for golf debts, though. Just rent. Being roommates with Ross has plenty of perks for Grimm. Rent isn’t too expensive, which is nice, but not as nice has having Ross’ wife take care of his laundry and other upkeep around the house. Those perks go away, however, if the rent check is late. Ross’ wife, Brittany, is more than happy to toss a trash can in Grimm’s bed as a friendly reminder. “She’ll do that, or quit doing my laundry,” Grimm said, smiling. “But it’s a pretty good deal. A typical night after the game, we’ll watch some TV and then it’s just about bedtime and I head upstairs to my room.” Grimm and Ross were roommates at High A Myrtle Beach in 2011, and again last season when Grimm was promoted to the big leagues. This season, Grimm wasn’t sure what to do living-wise when he got the big-league call on April 11. At the time, Grimm had made only one start at Triple A Round Rock and thought Matt Harrison would have a short-term stay on the disabled list. But Harrison is out until at least August, and it appears that Grimm will be rooming with the Rosses for the foreseeable future. Grimm, 24, was named the American League Rookie of the Month for April, and has gone 3-3 with a 4.02 ERA over seven starts going into his start Friday night at Seattle. He is coming off an impressive outing Saturday against the Detroit Tigers, in which he held them to two runs on seven hits over 6 2/3 innings for his first win since April 26. It was a significant turnaround from his start against them in 2012, when they pounded him for six runs on eight hits over one-plus inning. “I took my last start a little personal because of what they did to me last year,” said Grimm, who was optioned back to the minors 12 days later. “They definitely humbled me.”