The 27 players who will swing the bats for the Texas Rangers this spring have been in camp only three full days. That’s not enough time for the new hitting coach to start dissecting swings and barking orders at players he needs to trust him over the course of a 162-game regular-season schedule. It’s so soon into spring training, in fact, that Dave Magadan hasn’t had his first group meeting with the hitters to explain his philosophy and how he wants things done at the plate. That comes Thursday ahead of the beginning of Cactus League play this weekend. For now, the hitters are shaking off the winter rust, and Magadan is trying to build relationships with a group that is in need of reinforcement instead of reinvention. The team that led the majors in runs last season felt as though it could have scored more, and Madagan’s job is to help show them why they didn’t and how to make sure they get the most out of their at-bats. “Obviously, they did a lot of things right,” Magadan said Monday. “Everybody knows where they fell short last year, and they’ve got to get better at it. It’s just a matter of me staying on them about it and me making sure they grind out at-bats and finding other ways to score runs.”