Having been in the major leagues since he was a teenager in 1998, and good enough to make a large fortune playing baseball for a living, it’s hard to feel sorry for Adrian Beltre. In this case, however, it’s hard not to feel sorry for him. He just got Nowitzki'd. Hopefully the Rangers do Beltre better than the Dallas Mavericks did to Dirk Nowitzki. Much like the Mavs with Dirk, the Rangers sold Beltre a bag of hope when it's more of a prayer, and made him believe they had a shot at the one thing he covets, a title, when we know they don’t. Beltre doesn’t want to think about it, or talk about it, so let us do it for him. The second before it becomes apparent this team can’t win the World Series, the Rangers need to do right by Beltre and trade him to the team that can. That "second" feels a lot like right now. Trading Beltre will be this team's dominant story line, and a distraction, throughout the season.