At the beginning of the season, there seemed to be some question as to what Michael Young's role as DH/super utility player entailed. Here's what it entails: Being both a regular at DH and a regular in the field. As of this week, Young has actually started more games in the field (64) than he has at DH (61). Given that Adrian Beltre is likely to miss another 10 days or so with a hamstring strain, it's very possible Young will end up with more games in the field than as a DH. Young started at third base Friday for the 24th time this season. He's started 26 games at first and 13 times at second. Those starts have allowed the Rangers to keep rookie first-year starter Mitch Moreland from being overwhelmed at first base and possibly played a role in second baseman Ian Kinsler staying healthy all season. "I want our team to get healthy," Young said. "That's the first priority. [Manager Ron Washington] did a good job early of mixing and matching lineups and getting guys some days off. I think that's paying big dividends now. It's worked out fine." Asked if he's playing more in the field than he expected, Young demurred to offer a direct answer. "I just want to keep putting myself in a position where I can get on the field, where I'm an option," Young said. "I feel like I've done that."