Henrik Lundqvist takes every puck that gets by him seriously, so when Chris Neil managed to kick one by him with 40 seconds left in last night's 3-2 Game 6 win over the Senators, Lundqvist was furious. "Oh my God, it scares me," Lundqvist said after making 25 saves as the Rangers tied the opening-round playoff series 3-3. "When it's such an obvious play, goalie interference and a kick, and they still call it a goal, it scares me that someone can call that. It's just unbelievable. It still upsets me. "We have this game and they get a chance," Lundqvist said. "Someone wants them back in the game, obviously, because there's no other explanation." Lundqvist's remarks were somewhat similar to what coach John Tortorella said after the Winter Classic, when Philadelphia forward Danny Briere got a penalty shot in the final minute of a one-goal game. Tortorella made reference to a conspiracy involving the television network NBC and was subsequently fined $20,000.