Texas Rangers starter Alexi Ogando said he had no issues with the baseballs used in Friday night’s game at Rangers Ballpark saying he didn’t understand the complaints made by Angels starter C.J. Wilson after the game. “No I didn’t have any problems” Ogando said. “They were good." Wilson blamed slippery baseballs for his control issues in the third inning when he threw three wild pitches hit two batters and issued a walk. Wilson guessed that one out of every four balls were rubbed down properly and had to make an adjustment as the game went on with the baseballs. “The balls were kind of squirting around” Wilson said. “Are you going to call it a coincidence? It’s not a coincidence. Let’s be honest.” The Rangers said home-plate umpire Mike DiMuro told them about Wilson’s issues with the balls and they tried to accommodate as best they could.