Credit is due to Rangers brass for being honest about the franchise’s current circumstances and displaying transparency Thursday by conveying to their fan base that a rebuild is imminent, even if it means familiar and beloved faces being shipped out. Recognizing the need for significant changes is an important first step. The next steps are the most critical. As general manager Jeff Gorton tries to turn current players into assets, tries to get the Blueshirts back on the speed-and-skill track and improve their chances at winning a Stanley Cup in upcoming seasons, he and the front office need to nail this over the next several weeks and this summer. The market must be played well, returns maximized and the right players and enough early-round picks brought in for the team to be able to properly capitalize on this opportunity to reshape their roster. “We’re obviously all tuned into the same show here,” president Glen Sather said Thursday at a press conference just as a letter with a similar message was released online. “We all know what’s going on, we all know what we have to do and we’re gonna try to do the right thing. I’ve been through this a few times. It’s not easy. (Gorton’s) gonna have a lot of work ahead of him. If we anticipate what’s gonna happen, you look (Wednesday) night, there were 25 scouts in the building.” This plan doesn’t involve basement-dwelling for several years. This isn’t a slow-build. And there can’t be, really, with Henrik Lundqvist weeks away from turning 36.