This story should sound familiar to anyone who has followed the Dallas Cowboys in recent years.

As football season wrapped up, a Pro Bowl player for an NFC rival reached out to Dak Prescott and said it simply: “Come get me.”

In this instance, though, it wasn’t Earl Thomas – it was Randall Cobb. And as Cobb settles into his role in the Cowboys’ offense this spring, he clearly got his wish.

“At the NFL Honors, we were getting ready to take our seat and he said that. It’s interesting now, looking back,” said Dak Prescott.

Fortunately for Cobb – and unlike Thomas – he made his plea in a private moment, rather than outside a crowded locker room, in front of two dozen reporters. That helps explain why Cobb’s eventual move to Dallas wasn’t breathlessly reported in the weeks leading up to free agency.

Cobb laughed when he was reminded of the conversation at NFL Honors. But as much as players might joke about switching teams, he didn’t actually see a place for him on the Cowboys’ roster until Cole Beasley departed during free agency.

“I actually didn’t think that it would be an option going into free agency until I saw Beasley leave,” he said. “Then I knew that it was a real possibility and that it could happen. And we were able to get something done.”

It’s easy to plug Cobb right into the Cowboys’ lineup as the obvious replacement at slot receiver. That’s where he caught the vast majority of his 470 receptions and 41 touchdowns during an exemplary eight-year career in Green Bay.