When Randall Cobb looks back at his Green Bay Packers career, as he did Friday morning, he knows he must acknowledge that amid all the great plays and great memories, there was too much disappointment during his eight seasons.

No Super Bowl appearances. Too many injuries. No NFL titles. Too many gut-wrenching postseason losses.

“I mean, it’s disappointing,” the now-Dallas Cowboys wide receiver confessed during an interview on ESPN Wisconsin. “Because I think of some of the teams we had, that I was a part of in Green Bay, and to know we didn’t bring home the title with some of those teams is very frustrating.

“You look at some of the disappointments, you look at some things you wish you could have done differently, you wish that you could have avoided some of those injuries and been able to be a little bit more productive.”

Truth be told, Cobb also wishes he would have been able to continue his career with the team that chose him in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft out of the University of Kentucky. Instead, Cobb said the Packers never made an offer during free agency and suggested that he even waited to see if the team would want him back after he fielded offers from other teams — including the Cowboys, whose one-year, $5 million deal Cobb ultimately accepted.