Sam Ficken’s NFL career got off to a shaky start. The Rams kicker missed an extra point and then a short field goal in his NFL debut. Despite that, the Rams are sticking with Ficken this week. “I think there were some conditions where you’re talking about a couple inches one way or the other and that field goal is going to be good,” Rams coach Sean McVay said Tuesday, via quotes distributed by the team. “Those things do happen in the NFL, but I think what we talked about right after the game is really the response, which was encouraging. I think when you have such a small sample size, there was a reason why we signed him — because he had a great workout, his resume, kind of going back to what he’s done in college is something that we felt good about. “We’re going to continue to give him an opportunity, and we believe in Sam. Like we said, we loved the way that he responded and I think this week will provide a great chance for him to continue to do some things for our team, and we’re going to move forward with confidence with him.”