Few currently disagree with the notion that Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald should be suspended for his behavior at Thursday’s joint practice with the Bengals. Players who swing helmets should always face significant punishment, regardless of whether the incident results in a serious injury. Otherwise, guys will keep swinging helmets until someone suffers a serious injury — and then the NFL will act surprised that someone was seriously injured after getting hit by a helmet.

The problem is that the NFL does not police the behavior of players at practice, even when it’s a joint practice. That means it’s for the Rams to suspend him, if anyone.

Will they? Coach Sean McVay already has said he’s not looking to point fingers. Of course he isn’t, because that finger would be pointed at the player most responsible to covering it with a Super Bowl ring.

The league can punish the Rams for not controlling their guys. Could the league tell the Rams that a significant punishment will be imposed on the team is Donald isn’t suspended? If so, the question becomes proposing enough of a penalty against the team to get the Rams to suspend Donald.