When the Rams signed four-time Pro Bowler Jake Long as a free agent to play left tackle, it meant that incumbent Rodger Saffold would be making the shift to the right side. Although Saffold remained quiet, his representatives expressed their displeasure with the signing of the former Miami Dolphin and suggested that Saffold would not be opposed to a trade. But Saffold is back and working as hard as ever. “This game is a business; that’s just the way it is,’’ said Saffold, a Rams’ second-round draft choice in 2010. “I talked to my coach and basically they told me that they had a lot of faith in me to play right tackle and try to use my versatility as an advantage for the team. I went home, back to Cleveland, just to get away from football for a little bit. “But I came back ready to work. I’m a hard worker; I’m a loyal guy to my team.’’ Adjusting to a position that he has not played since his freshman year in high school, Saffold is focused on making steady improvement. “It’s just a matter of getting used to it, the muscle memory, the change in stance,’’ he said following Thursday’s Organized Team Activities in Earth City. “Honestly, it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it was going to be. As far as the smaller details, that’s what I’m constantly working on. It’s just the second day out here, so I just want to continue to work and to learn. “I think I got better today than I was yesterday and I intend on getting better again tomorrow.’’ Rams coach Jeff Fisher is confident that Saffold can handle the switch and thrive on the right side. “Football’s football. Responsibilities are the same,’’ the coach said. “He’s just at the point of attack when the ball goes to the right now. He’s done a great job since we switched him over.’’