Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford has cleared the concussion protocol but will not play Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, coach Sean McVay said Friday.

Stafford cleared the concussion protocol Friday, McVay said, but the Rams are still gathering information about the quarterback's neck injury.

McVay said the Rams have been taking it "a step at a time" with Stafford's availability and didn't rule out shutting down the quarterback for the season.

"I think there's so many layers to [that decision]," McVay said. "There's so much thought and dialogue that goes into it, but I think first and foremost it's got to get cleared from the medical experts. ... I'm not the expert in that arena, but if there's any sort of sense of, this is something that it'll be better served in the long term or it's going to be a few more weeks, things like that, I think that'll end up kind of taking care of itself."