When the Rams traded for quarterback Matthew Stafford in January, they also inherited his two-year, $43 million deal. But according to general manager Les Snead, the team has longer-term hopes in mind for the 33-year-old that could keep him in Los Angeles for quite a bit longer than his current contract dictates.

“I don’t think we did it thinking two years,” said Snead of the trade during an hour-long interview with our 11 Personnel podcast on Tuesday. “Based on his age, you can legitimately think five to seven, eight years if you look at what Drew (Brees) has done …

“With quarterbacks of his pedigree, a lot of those guys have played into their late 30s, for sure. So that was definitely the vision with (Stafford).”

When the trade agreement was initially struck between the Lions and the Rams, a source said that a contract extension was something the team was certainly considering for Stafford — yet it initially was framed as a financial relief situation as they prepared to face the shrunken 2021 salary cap. Stafford’s $9.5 million base salary in 2021 can be automatically converted into a cash bonus, which is seen as a little bit of a “safety valve” in case the Rams need the extra funds as they maneuver through free agency and beyond.