Back in the days of general manager Charley Armey’s tenure, the Rams’ annual pre-draft news conference was dubbed the “Riverdance” by some. Why? A lot of tap dancing and high-stepping by team officials around the questions posed by members of the media. Current general manager Les Snead had his own spin on things Monday, referring to the final weeks before the NFL draft as campaign season. “So don’t be offended if everything we say up here is not totally accurate,” Snead chuckled. No offense taken. As expected, there was very little specific information given by Snead and coach Jeff Fisher. As always is the case at these gatherings, the coach and GM were somewhere between vague and general in their responses. But it’s all part of the game. For example, the Rams might trade up or trade down. Or stand pat in the first round, in which they possess the No. 16 and No. 22 picks. Or they could trade up with one pick and trade down with the other. That just about covers every scenario doesn’t it? When asked if there are any prospects the Rams feel strongly enough about to trade up for, Fisher — who was particularly sly Monday — replied: “Possibly.”