As the annual lists of veterans with bloated contracts that could be terminated are compiled, one player presents an intriguing dilemma to his current team. Rams receiver Tavon Austin, widely regarded as being on the outs, has a contract that already guarantees him $5 million this year, in the form of a roster bonus that will be earned on March 16. If he’s still on the roster that day, his $3 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed, too. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, both components of Austin’s 2018 pay include offsets, meaning that if, for example, he’d get cut before the salary vests, his $5 million roster bonus would be reduced by what he earns elsewhere. So what would he earn elsewhere? And what impact could he have on another team? Those are questions the Rams need to ask before making a final decision on his status for 2018. Ultimately, they could end up paying him $4 million to play for a competitor ($5 million minus $1 million he’d get from another team), when they could pay him $8 million and continue to try to find ways to use him.