Manager Ozzie Guillen shared a taxi with Hanley Ramirez to PNC Park Friday. It was during that cab ride that Guillen became alarmed at the state of Ramirez's right hand. Not long after arriving at the stadium, Ramirez departed for a local hospital to get an apparent infection checked out. During the first-half finale on July 8 in St. Louis, a frustrated Ramirez after an at-bat returned to the dugout and sustained a laceration when he knocked over a cooling fan. Guillen said it became infected because Ramirez forgot to take his antibiotics. "As soon as I saw it [I knew] it was an infection," Guillen said. "Hopefully the doctor finds the right pill and make sure the baby has to take it. I will every night, 'Open your mouth' and put it in his mouth. ... How do you forget to take a pill the doctor sends you to take?" Guillen added that the problem did not impact Ramirez earlier this week in Chicago. By Friday morning, Guillen said: "It was nasty. ... I thought something bit him." Though Guillen did not rule out Ramirez playing Saturday, he could miss the entire series against the Pirates. Guillen was displeased with Ramirez at the time of the incident as well. Ramirez had to exit the game, which the Marlins lost, and afterward Guillen called it a "very stupid injury."