Rajon Rondo’s second stint with the Lakers did not last long at all. Rondo was brought back during the offseason after being bought out by the Memphis Grizzlies, who received Rondo in a trade package from the Clippers. Rondo decided to sign once again with the Los Angeles Lakers, in the hopes to recreate their 2019-20 NBA championship season, a campaign he played a big part in.

But just a few months into the season, the Lakers saw that Rondo’s performances were not at the same level as they used to be. He was playing as the backup to the Lakers’ new All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook, so he had very few minutes to play. As a result, in an effort to create cap space for future arrivals, the Lakers traded Rondo to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And during his first press conference with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Rajon Rondo may have taken a very subtle shot at Russell Westbrook.