Rajon Rondo has played with some of the top scorers around the league during his time in the NBA, but playing alongside Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins was something that was hard for him to pass up. The New Orleans Pelicans signed the veteran point guard during the offseason to be the facilitator that feeds the team's explosive big men. Rondo said after Thursday's practice that the Pelicans started working together a few weeks before training camp started and he's optimistic about the progress they've shown. He also added that he sees great potential in Cousins and Davis and he believes it'll be hard to stop them once they fully mesh on the court. "They've only had a couple months together, I don't count pretty much last year even though they did play together," Rondo said. "I think those two guys are capable of being two of the best bigs to ever play this game as a duo. That's pretty high expectations but they have the talent to do it." Rondo got to play with Cousins in Sacramento during the 2015-16 season and both of them put up stellar numbers while working together. Cousins ended the year averaging 26.9 points and Rondo led the league with 11.7 assists per game.