The start date for the 2021 NBA season is still in flux, and therefore so is the official start of NBA free agency. That doesn't stop the rumor mill, though. The most recent murmurings suggest the Los Angeles Clippers are interested in Rajon Rondo, fresh off a title with the Los Angeles Lakers and expected to decline his player option (when he can) to enter the free-agent pool.

From a basketball perspective, it makes sense. The Clippers could use Rondo's ability to engineer an offense and keep everyone in the right positions. For as good as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are, they aren't playmakers in a pure sense. Rondo is, even if he's well past his heyday. They wouldn't need him to do a lot. Just come off the bench and keep everything running smoothly while his star teammates rest, then pick up the intensity come playoff time like he did for their crosstown rivals in the bubble.