Since sustaining the injury, we've heard that Rondo had been weighing his options regarding ACL surgery. He talked with the entire team medical staff including Ed Lacerte and Brian McKeon and reportedly seeked the opinion of Richard Steadman who performed knee surgeries on both Ricky Rubio and Greg Oden. He approached his recovery like he methodically studies every game: compiling as much information as possible and making the right decision. With the cloud of uncertainty surrounding Derrick Rose's return, Rondo wanted as much clarity as possible about his rehab. I'm betting RR probably thought he could completed the surgery on himself House-style after all the research he combed through. In the end however, he went with Andrews. It was reported that Rondo wanted to talk with Adrian Peterson after Andrews repaired his ACL tear and AP subsequently tore up the NFL and finished nine yards short of the rushing record. I'm not sure that ever happened, but the results speak for itself. It's also been suggested that Rondo's injury was not as bad as previously reported, so hopefully, he'll make the training camp timetable that Ainge has projected.