The Raiders have only been reported as speaking with one offensive line coach candidate this offseason. That was Juan Castillo and he signed with the Ravens to be their running game coordinator. Castillo has a great deal of experience as would have been a fine choice as offensive line coach. But he's not the only possibility out there. Here are the top candidates on the market: Russ Grimm A Hall of Fame offensive lineman as a player and a well-respected offensive line coach. He has been coaching in the NFL for 21 years, 16 as an offensive line coach. He was the Steelers offensive line coach when they won Super Bowl XL. He was in line to be head coach at one point but the team went with Mike Tomlin instead so he left with Ken Whisenhunt to join his staff with the Arizona Cardinals. Whisenhunt and his staff were fired this offseason leaving this highly decorated offensive line guru without a job. I would think having won three Super Bowls with the Redskins as a member of the famed "Hogs" would allow him to get over his team losing to the Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII.