Between the meetings and practices and games and recovery and having a personal life beyond the two-story, silver and black building on Harbor Bay Parkway, it is unrealistic to expect Raiders players to follow every statistic that relates to their season. Even an astounding, historical datum can fly under the radar. Until told. “Really?” defensive end James Cowser said. “That’s crazy. It’s shocking. It’s weird because I thought we did. … I did not realize that because in my head it’s like, ‘Of course we have interceptions because look who’s back there. We’ve got beasts.’ That’s weird, but we’ll be all right.” “Dang. Wow,” linebacker Nicholas Morrow said. “That’s a long time. That shocked me. I didn’t know we didn’t have an interception yet. We don’t have a pick?” “Oh, man,” safety Reggie Nelson said. “Yeah, it’s an issue around here right now.” It’s late October, and the Raiders have yet to record an interception. Here’s the historical part: Dating back at least to the 1970 NFL-AFL merger, they are the only defense in NFL history without an interception through its first seven games of a season. The team hopes to start seizing its opportunities Sunday against the Buffalo Bills at New Era Field.