The Oakland Raiders have finally hired their new offensive coordinator, which was step one in my series of off-season requisites articles. Now that they have found their man at OC, they can begin taking a look at the players currently on the roster in order to decide who to keep, step two in my off-season requisites articles. It is not until the coaching staff has an opportunity to look at and decide how they will handle the players currently on the roster, that they can start developing a plan for handling free agency. I, on the other hand, have no such restrictions. Since the Raiders have not yet dealt with their free agents, nor have they made any decisions on what to do with players currently on the roster, the needs of the team may very well turn out to be different come free agency. But the biggest team needs as I see them are as follows (in no specific order): RG, LG, RT, DE, DT, MLB and CB.