Last season, at the suggestion of Raiders defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr., then-rookie linebacker Cory James would sometimes open YouTube on his laptop and run a search for the words: “NaVorro Bowman.” “I was pulling up his highlights,” James said, “trying to get ready for games and everything.” Now, if seeking the veteran’s counsel, James need only glance a few feet away during practice or in games to find Bowman, whom the Raiders signed Oct. 16. And James does — a lot. “I’ve been asking him how he prepares — the extra film time, extra studying, that’s the stuff I’ve been focusing on since he’s gotten here,” James said. “I’m trying to get in the same position as him, so you know what I’m saying, everything he’s doing I’m trying to do.” The Raiders signed Bowman three days after he was released by the 49ers primarily to fill a hole in the middle of their defense. But the move also brought in a mentor of sorts for James, a sixth-round draft pick from Colorado State. Bowman, after less than three weeks working alongside James, also sounds impressed.