Villioti points out his basis for putting this metric together was to separate perception from reality. This means either strengthening a belief of how well or poor teams draft or to bust a few misconceptions. The primary factors in the metric are total games started, players active last season, average annual starts, and Pro Bowl bids. The Raiders are 23rd in the rankings over the past ten years. The fact that they were among the worst is not surprising but the teams below them are interesting. The Broncos (26), Saints (28), and Steelers (29) to name a few. The very worst was the Redskins. The top ranked team over the past ten years of drafts was a shocker - the Cardinals. The next team up was not a shocker - the 49ers. Then another couple surprises in the Browns and Panthers. The Patriots rounded off the top five. The other two Conference Championship teams - Ravens (7) and Falcons (10) - rounded off the top ten as proof that great teams are built through the draft. They also did a study of just the past five years. In this metric, the Raiders jumped from 23 to 15 in the rankings. I'm no math whiz but I'm pretty sure that's above average. I'm sure having JaMarcus Russell drafted six years ago helped raise that ranking.