Regardless of how things got to where they are regarding the Antonio Brown helmet issue (we’ll go through the timeline on Monday’s PFT Live and then I’ll write something up that points out every key development of the past week), the Raiders have drawn their line in the sand: Brown, as G.M. Mike Mayock said Monday, needs to be all in or all out.

So what happens if he refuses to be all in?

The Raiders could cut Brown, but they’d owe him more than $30 million over the next two years, offset by whatever else he’d earn with a different team. As mentioned when the issue first surfaced, at a time when Brown was still away from the team, the Raiders’ nuclear option consists of sending a five-day letter to Brown. If he doesn’t come back within five days, they can place him on the reserve/left squad list and shut him down for the year. At that point, he wouldn’t be able to play for the Raiders or for anyone else, and the Raiders wouldn’t have to pay him.