Raiders owner Mark Davis is applying a serious sense of urgency to his quest for a new football stadium. Clearly still bothered by a lack of progress in this effort, Davis expressed frustration to on Tuesday at the spring league meeting in Atlanta. "I would probably say (negotiations are in) the 11th hour," Davis said. "It's always the 11th hour because we've been waiting a long time, been waiting a long time on this project. If it doesn't happen, then we have to start looking at the other options. ... We want to stay in Oakland. We want to get something done." Davis also said he’s willing to contribute $400 million to a stadium project but told “we need help.” It’s unclear whether that total includes financial assistance from the league. The Raiders do need outside funds, including a public subsidy, to complete the project. The Raiders signed a one-year lease extension with the Oakland Coliseum, an aging facility shared with the Athletics baseball team, that expires after the 2014 season. If the Raiders can’t find a long-term solution soon, Davis said he’ll look at other markets. That includes Los Angeles, where the Raiders have a strong fan base. "We're not done in Oakland. We're trying really hard, and we'll see how that goes," Davis told in late March. "But Los Angeles is something that I've definitely thought about and haven't pursued.