When a player seemingly bites another one on the soccer field in the biggest tournament in the world and gets away with it, the question naturally turns to the role of the referee in the incident. Giorigio Chiellini turned the spotlight on the refs after Tuesday’s Italy-Uruguay game, in which Uruguay striker Luis Suarez seemed to take a bite out of Chiellini’s shoulder in an off-the-ball incident. Chiellini excoriated Mexican center referee Marcos Rodriguez for calling nothing more than a foul on Suarez and granting a direct kick to Italy—this after Rodriguez had earlier issued a red card to Italy’s Claudio Marchisio for a studs-up challenge. “It was absolutely shameful,” Chiellini told Sky Sports Italia. “The game was decided by the referee and if one team should’ve gone through it was us.” I rewatched the Suarez incident multiple times on replay, to try and get a sense of what the center referee and his assistant saw and what they missed, based on positioning and mechanics.