At 33, Rafael Soriano is second older player on the Nationals roster, but in terms of the playing experience, he has the most. He may not have the playoff experience of Jayson Werth, who played in 49 postseason games, gone six times and played in two World Series, but Soriano has been to the playoffs four times on his own and pitched for five different teams over 12 seasons in two leagues. He understands what forms winning teams and what dooms them. Right now, Soriano seems a young Nationals team one under .500 again and weighed down by injuries and playing too tense. “We’re not consistent and playing like we should and taking advantage of men on base or making the pitches we need to make,” Soriano said in Spanish over the weekend. “When a team is like this there’s not a lot you can do. We just have to make adjustments and do what we can do, as much the batters and us pitchers. And just play the game and play the way we should. From all the projections that this team would be better this year but the injuries have messed us up this season. We haven’t had our regular players because they’ve been injured and the team’s morale drops. But we’ve tried to keep our heads up. We’re good.”