New managers need followers. New Rockies manager Walt Weiss isn't going to be successful or even have a chance without players buying his message. His blunt honesty has resonated in the clubhouse. As much as players say otherwise, the reality is they like clarity and honesty. Weiss has laid out expectations for every player in camp. His pitchers' improvement is priority 1 through 955. Which brings me to Rockies closer Rafael Betancourt. He is a dial-up connection in a wireless world. He works slowly, by design. He's even been fined for a pace that makes turtles blush. His method is effective, disrupting the timing of hitters. But this spring, Betancourt, a team leader, is walking in line with Weiss' demand that the Rockies' pitchers throw with a quicker tempo. It's one of his "absolutes" for pitchers along with first-pitch strikes, high groundball percentage and fastball command.