Sometime in March, Vinny Curry made perhaps the most wholesale change of his life. He stopped eating hamburgers, gave up on milk and made sure that nothing that entered his body could be categorized as red meat or dairy. This from a guy who couldn’t drive by McDonald’s without pulling in for at least one Big Mac, and most likely two. Since that day, Curry’s diet has been dairy free, devoid of red meat and without any trace of gluten. “I’m just trying to experiment in little ways,” Curry said, pointing to the area of his midsection where his gut used to protrude. “Just trying to find an edge.” Several Eagles have made drastic dietary changes since Chip Kelly took over as head coach and introduced his recommended nutritional program, but Curry insisted that his decision to forge ahead on fish, chicken, vegetables and water has nothing to do with the sports science minions who operate behind closed doors at the NovaCare Complex. It’s all geared toward being the best athlete he can be and pushing hard to recognize his fullest potential as he enters the third and most critical season of his career. So far, Curry has seen results. He said he feels faster and more explosive at the OTAs, although he admitted that the true test will come when pads come out in training camp next month. The gut he had grown accustomed to hiding under his jersey isn’t there anymore. His weight hasn’t changed much, but his waistline is down two sizes.