For the Blue Jays to get on a roll, they need their ace to do so, first In that regard, the Jays are still waiting on R.A. Dickey. Dickey, last year’s National League Cy Young winner, has struggled through his opening two months with the Jays — struggled with his health and struggled with his consistency. He has yet to find his groove and along with that, so has his team. Making matters worse is the fact that the baseball gods seem to be conspiring against him — ground balls find holes, line drives get dropped, jam shots fall in, leads get blown. Earlier in the season, Dickey referred to some of the above as being “baseballed.” Well, in Dixie, he was ‘baseballed’ again, enduring yet another one of those nights in an 11-3 loss. Dickey is frustrated, no doubt, but given that his journey back to the big leagues — and ultimately the Cy Young —was a highly improbable one, he is not discouraged by what has transpired this season. “I’ve just got to trust the process,” he started off in describing his outing. “Today, I felt good. I was finding the strike zone all day long, had one walk. I’ve got to trust that there is going to be an end result. You just have to trust the process and try not to get discouraged along the way.” Given his lack of results, how hard is it to continue with the search back to where he knows he should be? “This game is tough. It’s hard and you’ve got to keep grinding it out,” Dickey said. “You can’t quit searching for the answers. I certainly won’t and I’ll find it. I’ll find it.” Looking for plus signs to build on, Dickey is pleased that his velocity was up and his command was better. “The improved command and improved velocity,” he said of the positives. “I threw some 80-mile-an-hour knuckleballs tonight that I haven’t thrown in the past. There’s some positives that I want to try to suck out of tonight, even though it was a tough loss for us and a tough loss for me personally.