As the Dallas Cowboys defense continues to pick up steam and roll toward a record-challenging futility, just know this: Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett have no plans of making a move on embattled coordinator Monte Kiffin. And the 73-year-old Kiffin has no plans of quitting. “Not really. I don’t think so. Hadn’t really thought about that,” Kiffin said. “I would say that would be kind of like a player saying, ‘Let’s throw it in; let’s throw in the towel,’ or like telling your players, ‘Don’t play that hard anymore. Let’s give it up.’ It ain’t happening.” Kiffin’s defense is on pace to finish as the second-worst defense in NFL history, behind only the 2012 New Orleans Saints. The Cowboys have allowed 5,549 yards, putting them on pace to allow 6,829. They have the fifth-, ninth- and third-rated offenses left. The Cowboys’ pass defense also ranks last in the league. The Cowboys have allowed 3,880 passing yards, only 14 yards from the third-worst pass defense in team history. They are on pace to allow a team-record 4,775 this season. The NFL record is the 4,796 passing yards allowed by the 2011 Green Bay Packers. Garrett echoed owner Jerry Jones on Wednesday when he said he still believes Kiffin is the right man to run the defense. Jones made a similar comment on his radio show on Tuesday despite the Cowboys’ horrible performance in Monday’s 45-28 blowout loss at Chicago. “Absolutely,” Garrett said. “A couple of different times in the year, we’ve had some bad games and games where we didn’t do what we needed to do on defense, and we made the corrections and we played better. We simply have to do that again.” Kiffin wasn’t quite as resolute when asked a similar question about him being the right man for the job.