Jose Quintana has already shown Don Cooper that he wants to be more than just a one-year wonder. After a season in which he leaped from Single-A to the majors, the White Sox pitcher went home to Colombia this winter and followed the instructions his pitching coach gave him last October to the letter. In an attempt to follow up a 6-6 rookie season, Quintana, who finished with a 3.76 ERA in 136 1/3 innings, has worked to strengthen a weakness -- he wants to better command the outside corner to right-handed hitters. Cooper feels good about the efforts of the young left-hander, who finished last season with an ERA-plus of 115, according to An ERA-plus of 100 means a pitcher is average. By comparison, Quintana’s All-Star teammates Chris Sale and Jake Peavy finished with a 142 and a 129, respectively. “He’s not under the radar for me,” Cooper said. “He’s one of our starters. … I could tell the first day that this son of a gun worked on everything we asked him to work on. That’s a nice feeling that somebody was smart enough, heard those words, took them and ran with it.” Cooper knows Quintana, 24, didn’t dream of merely reaching the major leagues to play only one season. Quintana, who was signed as a minor league free agent in Nov. 2011 after spending the previous four seasons in the New York Yankees organization , has displayed the drive to learn from the outset of his time with the White Sox.