White Sox starter Jose Quintana had faced just two batters and found himself and his team in a 2-0 hole. By the end of the third inning, he had thrown more than 70 pitches. But none of those things kept the Sox left-hander from a strong outing Saturday night. Yes, the pitch count was high early -- almost as high as Mike Trout’s home-run ball, which traveled more than 400 feet and cleared the center field fence to give the visiting Angels a lightning-quick two-run edge on Quintana and the Sox. But the ability to bounce back, to settle down, is important for a pitcher, and it seems to be an ability Quintana has. “He just has guts,” Robin Ventura said. “He kind of battled his way through it, he was bobbing and weaving and they had some guys on. He did well enough to keep us in it and give us a chance.” Quintana did give the Sox a chance, one they fumbled away when the go-ahead run scored after a fielding error in the third inning. It resulted in the starting pitcher’s first loss of the season. But Quintana brushed the fielding troubles aside after the game. “I just tried to stop everything right there. Those are things that we don’t control, and I’m sure that my teammate didn’t want to make a mistake,” Quintana said through a translator. “I just wanted to stop the rally right there and just get out of the inning.