Vitaly Abramov had a Quebec League season to remember in 2016-17. The 19-year-old collected 104 points in 66 contests, which was tops among all players in the league last season. Now, the Blue Jackets prospect believes he’s ready to make the leap straight to the NHL. “I want to make NHL this year and I feel that I can do it,” said Abramov, per “I have improved my game and my [defensive] zone coverage, and I think I can do it.” Of course, if the Blue Jackets decide not to keep him around, he’ll either have to go back to junior, or he’ll have to head overseas. But Abramov isn’t even thinking about either of those scenarios right now. “I’m not even thinking about it right now, that I can go back. My goal is to make Columbus this year and that’s all I’m focusing on. I want to show them my best game in training camp and we’ll see what happens. I’m really focusing on making the team.”