The basic assumption with Teddy Bridgewater is that he'll finish up this season, leave Lousiville, enter the 2014 NFL Draft, get taken by someone at the top of the draft and become a franchise quarterback. Not so fast, my friends. John Middlekauf, a former scout for the Eagles, reported on Twitter that he's hearing Bridgewater "has contemplated returning" to Lousiville for his senior season. "No decision" means just that, obviously. Bridgewater could end up leaving school. And he could end up staying (yes, my powers of deduction are strong; why do you ask?). But the point here is that Teddy Ballgame rolling out of college isn't a sure thing. We just always assumed it was, because who passes up tons of money and a shot at being a high draft pick for a chance to come back to campus and achieve glory at the college level?