It hasn’t been done in 99 years, and the Los Angeles Angels still are trying to figure out how this will actually work. Shohei Ohtani, attempting a task last successfully completed by Babe Ruth, is vying to to be a starting pitcher every sixth day and in the lineup as a designated hitter most of the others. He did it in Japan, and now is seeing if he can possibly pull it off in the big leagues. Yet, to make this work, trying to juggle his pitching routine with his batting practice regiment, there’s an X factor involved. He’s the future Hall of Famer across the clubhouse. When he was Ohtani’s age at 23, he hit .359 with 43 homers, 124 RBI and led the league with 212 hits, 51 doubles and 137 runs. His name is Albert Pujols, who’s now 38. You see, if Ohtani is going to be the Angels’ DH on the days he doesn’t pitch, he needs Pujols to play first base. And Pujols, the Angels’ primary DH the last two years, played just six games at first base in 2017, and just 28 the year before.