Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig was arrested Saturday morning on a reckless driving charge in Florida, reports the Naples Daily News. He was driving 110 mph on the Alligator Alley section of I-75 according to a Florida Highway Patrol spokesman. The speed limit is 70 mph. According to the Daily News, Puig was driving a 2013 Mercedes westbound near mile marker 99. Alligator Alley (otherwise known as the Everglades Parkway) runs east-west from Naples to Fort Lauderdale. The Dodgers have not yet commented on the arrest. Puig, 23, had reckless driving and speeding charges dismissed in Tennessee last month after serving 12 hours of community service. He was caught going 97 mph in a 50 mph zone back in April, when he was with the team's Double-A affiliate in Chattanooga. Puig was reportedly serving as a designated driver at the time.