There’s pain that Canadiens hard-rock forward Brandon Prust endures every day of the hockey season, and then there was the pained expression on Maripier Morin's face when Prust, her boyfriend, emerged from a Canadiens VIP lounge at the Bell Centre last Sunday noon. Prust had entered the room following the team’s annual fan practice with his shaggy curls and his familiar bushy beard. But when he stepped from the chair of stylist Beatrix Popper, who was on site to trim a few players, there was much more of his hair on the floor than on his head or cheeks. It was then, at first glance as she sat on the steps outside the Canadiens’ ice-level news-conference room, that Morin said nothing. At first. Because you can’t speak with your hand clasped over your open mouth. Finally, wish a gasp: “What have you done?!” Prust headed to the dressing room with a broad grin, saying that sometimes a player “has to change things up.” Still in shock, Prust by now out of sight, Morin said lightly that she prefers hair on a man. Still shaking her head, she said she had no idea that her stylish boyfriend was going the buzz-cut route.