Donald Trump plans to attend the College Football Playoff National Championship in Atlanta on Monday night and two groups have already put out a call to action to protest his arrival. The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP and the group Refuse Fascism ATL have already announced plans to protest near Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where Georgia and Alabama will play for the national title. The NAACP will be protesting by urging people to wear white to the game while waving white towels, which is meant to parody Trump's claims that liberals are "snowflakes." "We're going to make a snowflake turn into a mighty blizzard inside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium when Mr. Trump comes," said Gerald Griggs, vice president of Atlanta's NAACP, per the Los Angeles Times. At 6 p.m., the NAACP will also flood Twitter with the hashtag "#AllTrumpsLies" to demonstrate perceived lies by Trump, both on the campaign trail and in office.