Mikhail Prokhorov, the Nets’ billionaire owner, who dropped in on the new player introductions at Barclays Center yesterday, admitted he is many things. He is driven by results, a bottom-line guy. He is somewhat impatient for an NBA title (“I have done what I can. Now I think it is high time for the team to do the rest,” he said, deadpan). He is a man willing to do and spend whatever it takes for that title. On that goal, he is all in, all the time. But he is one more thing: a bachelor. And he wants to keep it that way a little longer. He once teased if the Nets didn’t win a title within five years, he would marry. It has been three years. But after the Nets’ latest overhaul, he likes his chances of keeping away from the altar. “I can assure you that no process, for the time being, [of] looking for [a] wife is underway,” Prokhorov said. “This is for sure.” So he smiled and explained his willingness to pay roughly $80 million in luxury taxes, a figure that surpasses virtually every other NBA team’s payroll. “When I bought the team, I promised to create a championship contender, a team worthy of Brooklyn,” said Prokhorov. “I’ll be proud when we win the championship. I am not a man of procedure. I am a man of results.” So when general manager Billy King notified him of the chance to secure Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and later Andrei Kirilenko in moves that would forge a luxury tax bill comparable to the GNP of Denmark, Prokhorov grabbed his checkbook. “My reaction, we need a championship team,” said Prokhorov. “For me, it’s not the way to wait 10 years for results. I don’t think our fans will either.